Enviro Plus®
An environmental solution to cut fuel costs!

Enviro Plus will affect the molecular structure of the air/fuel mixture to achieve better oxidation. This will increase the amount of energy extracted from the fuel thus increasing horsepower and torque. Better fuel economy and reduced emissions is possible.

Enviro Plus will:

  • Reduce fuel usage by 5% or more
  • Reduce emissions by one pound per treated gallon
  • Is being used Worldwide by reputable companies
  • Has been laboratory tested and its benefits confirmed
  • Can be used in diesel, gasoline, fuel oil and all kinds of hydrocarbons
  • In most cases, can be implemented without cost.
Benefit without changing your habits!

You won't have to change your fueling habits to use Enviro Plus®. We carry injections solutions that are 100% hands free, automatic and managed.

Our automatic injection system has the following characteristics:

  • Totally unassisted injection
  • Will required minimum maintenance
  • Require no power
  • Small footprint of less than 1 sq ft (0.1 sq mt)
  • Wireless inventory monitoring
  • Installed in four hours or less
Don't believe us. Try it!

Enviro Plus® has been proven safe and effective by the most reputable laboratories from five different countries. Nonetheless. We want you to use it, risk free, for 30 days.

We are ready to let you try it:

  • Receive a 15cc sample, enough to treat 80 gallons and save $25, or
  • Contact us and will let you use it in your fleet up to 100,000 gallons
  • If you don't save, you don't pay
  • If satisfied with the results, we'll discuss a permanent injection solution